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We are Turtle & Ray! Passionate divers, photographers, videographers and editors. Founded by Letícia & Arne in 2009; we started of with one camera in a single dive shop. Now 7 years later T&R has become the largest company doing underwater photography and videography in Curaçao. We partnered up with more dive shops, have done jobs with Curaçao Tourist Board and local companies; and for TV stations around the world to showcase Curaçao’s amazing underwater world and its animal life and reef. Have a look at our photos and videos and you will see. And we hope to meet you soon in our dushi Korsow 🙂

German, born in Wetzlar, I am a carpenter, PADI IDC Staff Instructor, videographer/photographer, and movie maker.
When I was a little boy, I learned diving in the cold waters of Germany. Since then, I have completed over a thousand dives in the Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, and Caribbean Sea. Working with underwater equipment showed me new aspects of diving.

Brazilian, born in São Paulo. I am a biologist, PADI dive instructor, videographer, and photographer.
I have always wanted to discover the underwater world and when I was old enough to dive and was underwater for the first time, I fell in love with diving and this amazing environment right away! I also love to observe the incredible marine life behavior and to document it!
I am a Brazilian journalist who decided to travel and explore more the world. After some volunteer jobs in South Africa, Thailand and in Brazil, I started to discover the magnificent underwater world and became a diver. There I could practice more my documentary skills working with underwater images, which happened first in Fernando de Noronha, archipelago in the State of Pernambuco, Brazil in the areas of the Marine National Park. After Noronha, I came to Curaçao in the Caribbean Islands to join Turtle and Ray team and, in addition to producing the underwater images, also working with the pictures and videos editing and finalization. Registering the beauty of nature and being able to show it to others through my eyes is one of my passions.