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We are Turtle & Ray! Passionate divers, photographers, videographers and editors. Founded by Letícia & Arne in 2009; we started of with one camera in a single dive shop. Now 7 years later T&R has become the largest company doing underwater photography and videography in Curaçao. We partnered up with more dive shops, have done jobs with Curaçao Tourist Board and local companies; and for TV stations around the world to showcase Curaçao’s amazing underwater world and its animal life and reef. Have a look at our photos and videos and you will see. And we hope to meet you soon in our dushi Korsow 🙂

German, born in Wetzlar, I am a carpenter, PADI IDC Staff Instructor, videographer/photographer, and movie maker.
When I was a little boy, I learned diving in the cold waters of Germany. Since then, I have completed over a thousand dives in the Baltic Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Red Sea, and Caribbean Sea. Working with underwater equipment showed me new aspects of diving.

Brazilian, born in São Paulo. I am a biologist, PADI dive instructor, videographer, and photographer.
I have always wanted to discover the underwater world and when I was old enough to dive and was underwater for the first time, I fell in love with diving and this amazing environment right away! I also love to observe the incredible marine life behavior and to document it!