Every photography’s company dream is it to provide the cover shoot for a magazine or book. For us this dream came true in the end of 2015. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was driving in my car and my cellphone rang: “Hello, this is Sheila from Events Curacao, I strongly believe you should have an advertisement in our magazine”. Suspiciously and a little distracted I answered “mmm ah, and why you think this”… Luckily, Sheila is a very good seller and she did not give up. This was actually in 2014 and we ended up having our advertisement in the 2015 edition and also more of our photos published.

Advertising diving

Than in the end of 2015 Sheila contacted us again. This time for the cover shoot of the 2016 edition. She had a vision, and she thought we could realize it. So in our first meeting she started to talk about dolphins under a dive boat with a girl in bikini with snorkel gear. A split-shoot, with the SeaAquarium in the background. Hornestly, I thought she is crazy. But OK, my answer was “yeah we can do this… Sure”. So the day arrived, our cameras ready, dive boat ready, girl in bikini and snorkel gear ready. Just no Dolphins. But our plan was to produce two pictures: one splitt-shoot with the boat and girl and another one with dolphins. Than photoshop can fix it.

The day was calm and good for what was our plan. And actually we managed to get the photo done in less than two hours. After on the computer we were very happy about the results. And more important Sheila was as well! Our first cover shoot was done:)

Cover shoot

Hope you like it!

And here it goes to the online magazine:


Your T&R Team